Ted Cruz is Heckled out of a Restaurant After Refusing to Tell Constituents how he Plans to Vote on the Kavanaugh Confirmation

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz is in a heated battle with Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke to hold onto his Senate seat.  With the latest polls showing that the race will likely come down to the wire, and with their first debate over with, Cruz decided to dine out in Washington DC with his wife Heidi last night.

Supporters of sexual assault survivors, and opponents of President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, approached Cruz almost as soon as he walked in the door of a popular Washington restaurant.

“I’d love to talk with you about Brett Kavanugh tonight,” a woman is heard saying on a video posted on Twitter.  “I’m a constituent. I’d love to know what your vote is going to be tonight.  I know you are very close friends Mr. Kavanaugh.  And do you believe survivors?”

While this women is talking, her fellow protesters are heard chanting, “We believe survivors, we believe survivors….”

Finally after the protesters continue their chant for over a minute, Cruz and his wife stand up and exit the restaurant to cheers from those on hand. Two videos of this event can be seen below.

Cruz doesn’t say much, other than telling the woman, “God bless you ma’am,” and then asking someone to allow his wife to get by as they flee the restaurant.

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