Ted Cruz Is Fundraising off GA Senate Race, but Keeping All the Money for Himself

Donald Trump lost the presidential race to Joe Biden in early November. But that didn’t stop the president from begging for money from his supporters. While Trump told them the donations would go towards court costs, the vast majority went towards paying off campaign debt. The ploy worked, though, and the Trump campaign raised over $200 million.

Ted Cruz
Photo Credit: Flickr

There are two major races soon to happen in Georgia. And since the special election will determine control of the senate, the entire nation is paying attention to it. Ted Cruz has been fundraising by using ads focused on the Georgia race. But in actuality, the money will all be going into Cruz’s own campaign coffers.

The Texas senator released an ad that reads, “Democrats are on the verge of complete control in the Senate. We need every Conservative to step up right now and save our Senate majority and keep Georgia RED!”

Jacob Rubashkin of Inside Elections has pointed out that Cruz doesn’t actually intend to share the money with Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. Rubashkin writes, “Still can’t get over Ted Cruz raising money to save our Senate majority and keep Georgia RED but 100% of the donations go to Ted Cruz’s Senate campaign and 0% goes to Georgia.”

The writer continued, “The Cruz campaign is advertising the link in Google results, which is how I stumbled upon it.”

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