“Ted Cruz I Am” Autographing “Green Eggs & Ham” As Campaign Fundraising Swag

Back in 2013 when Ted Cruz was a Tea Party conservative rather than a Donald Trump sycophant, the Texas Republican senator staged a filibuster to try to prevent a vote on President Barack Obama’s health care legislation. Having run out of original thoughts with which to chew up time Cruz took to reading the Dr. Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham.” As you can tell from his voice inflections and hand gestures he was really into it.

Fast forward to 2021 and Cruz is still so in love with the story of eggs and ham and Sam that he is using the book as campaign fundraising swag. In an email sent to prospective donors, Cruz says that he will personally autograph a copy of “Green Eggs and Ham” in exchange for a $60 campaign contribution. “Look at this as your 2021 “cancel culture collectible from Team Cruz … it will be a great conversation piece.”

He goes on to complain that a “ridiculous cancel culture is completely off the rails. It is infuriating. All jokes aside, it’s a huge red flag about the dangerous path our nation is headed down. Your support will help us fight back against the ‘woke’ mob in our country and the Democrats doing their bidding in Washington.”

Cruz indicates that he’ll graciously accept any other amount of donation “to support our critical work to DEFEAT THE LEFT AND SAVE AMERICA.”

There’s no word yet on whether Cruz will record an audio version of the children’s book and offer that in exchange for campaign contributions.

Funnily enough, Cruz isn’t the only Republican looking to cash in on the Dr. Seuss “controversy” that has commanded hours and hours of Fox News airtime over the past week or so. Conservative Pete Snyder, who’s running for the GOP nomination for governor of Virginia, also is offering autographed copies of the book. His signed book will only set contributors back $10.

Neither man, it should be noted, wrote “Green Eggs and Ham.”

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