Ted Cruz Fears Migrants On “Welfare” Will Vote Democratic

Ted Cruz clearly detests being in the minority party. Safely back home after leading other Republican senators on a dramatic tour of the Rio Grande river and being “heckled” by who he claimed were human traffickers on the Mexican shore, the Texas senator wrapped up his concerns about immigration and the voting rights bill in Congress into one neat GOP package.

Appearing on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures, Cruz told host Maria Bartiromo that, “The problem for Democrats is that they start from the premise that the more illegal immigration the better because they believe that if you let all the illegal immigrants in and then you make them all citizens they will eventually vote Democrat and keep Democrats in power.”

Bartiromo then wanted to get Cruz’s opinion on the Democrat-proposed HR1 voting rights bill, which she characterized as part of a “massive radical agenda” that she said is designed to make sure that Democrats stay in power and have the power to stack the Supreme Court. Cruz’s response was classic Trump: “many are calling HR1 the corrupt politicians act.” There’s no evidence anyone but Cruz has ever assigned that label to it.

Cruz repeated the lie first spread by twice-impeached, one-term president Donald Trump that the proposed law would automatically register people to vote if they had any interaction with the government. “If you get a welfare payment” Cruz said, “if you get an unemployment payment, if you get a driver’s license, if you go to a public college or university, they know that will automatically register millions of illegal aliens. That is the intended purpose of the bill, is to have millions of aliens, millions of criminals, millions of felons automatically registered. Apparently Democrats think we’d be better off if more murderers and rapists and child molesters were voting.”

The truth is that HR1, the National Voter Registration Act, requires states to offer voter registration information at offices that provide public assistance and at armed services recruitment offices. Most states also offer voter registration at their motor-vehicle agencies. But it would not automatically register people to vote.

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