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Ted Cruz Fails Miserably at Hosting a Facebook Live Stream

Ted Cruz Fails Miserably at Hosting a Facebook Live Stream

Technology is something many politicians have embraced in the 2018 elections. While technology and social media may have been our biggest downfall during the 2016 elections, with a hostile power using it to influence American voters, it can also be a powerful tool to help get a politician’s word out.

That’s at least what the Ted Cruz team thought this week as Mr. Cruz broadcasted live on Facebook with radio host Mark Davis.

Campaign staffer, Emily Miller, who was filming the live broadcast, couldn’t seem to figure out how to get the orientation of her iPhone camera correct, leading to an awkward flipping of the live video feed from landscape to portrait modes. When Miller finally got the video to flip to the correct mode, the camera continued to wobble as both the heads of Cruz and Davis were repeatedly cut off.

“Hopefully we can get that resolved, but it at least looks like we are sideway, so I apologize for that,” Cruz is heard saying. “Don’t put your hand over the camera,” he continues to dictate to Miller.

The chaos and comedy goes on for a full minute and a half before they finally do get the camera on the correct mode. Then, all of the sudden Miller flips the camera to a picture of the top of her head as Cruz and Davis continue to speak. After a few more seconds the camera is flipped back towards Cruz, and the discussion moves forward.

Two clips from the failed live stream can be viewed below:

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