Ted Cruz Explains Why MTG is 'Really Unhelpful to the Country'

Republicans, in the age of Donald Trump, can't stop fighting with one another. One of the major problems is that Congresspeople are constantly auditioning for the former President's attention. And no one wants to draw the attention of the 45th President more than Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The Georgia Congresswoman is continuing her campaign to cost Mike Johnson the role of Speaker of the House. She doesn't have any kind of replacement or plan, she just wants to stoke anger. Ted Cruz might not serve in the House of Representatives, but he is not happy with how Greene is behaving. 

During an episode of the Real Clear Politics podcast, Cruz said of MTG's attacks on Johnson, "Look, I think it is silly. I think it is seriously counterproductive."

The Texas senator continued:

"I think Mike Johnson is a strong conservative who’s been given an almost impossible task. He has a tiny majority in the House, just a two-vote majority, that means any three House members run off to the hills and the majority evaporates, and I think Marjorie Taylor Greene, to try to topple the speaker, increases the chances of chaos and increases the chances of handing control to the Democrats."

Cruz closed his rant by saying, "There is zero chance a more conservative speaker will result, and so I think what she’s doing is really unhelpful to the country."