Ted Cruz Doubles Down On Lie About Undocumented Immigrant Voting, Democratic Party

Called out for falsely claiming that Democrats are lobbying for undocumented immigrants to be able to vote in U.S. elections, Ted Cruz has doubled down, insisting that the statements are true.

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The Associated Press obtained audio of a call between Senator Cruz and Republican state legislators, in which Cruz claims that Democrats are pushing legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants to vote.

He’s not the first to fear-monger among the right-wing over the legislation in question. His colleagues have complained about it, with Senator Mike Lee, for example, asserting that it was “written in hell by the devil himself” and intended to help Democrats, not the American people.

In truth, the Washington Post analysis explains, the bill would standardize voter registration and mail-in voting, requiring voter registration databases to be kept up-to-date, and set up automatic registration for citizens, require accessible early voting for at least 15 days in Federal elections, require independent nonpartisan commissions to handle districting (so that lawmakers don’t have the power to control that), and require presidential candidates to disclose tax returns, among other things.

It does not allow anyone in the country illegally to vote. It does address the right of felons to have their voting rights restored, saying that a citizen should not have their right to vote abridged due to a felony ” unless such individual is serving a felony sentence in a correctional institution or facility at the time of the election.”

The full text of the bill is here.

Despite these facts, Cruz proudly shared the AP‘s news about the phone call, and again asserted that his false claims were true.

In another tweet, he reiterated the false claim, and also pointed a finger at Democrats for sending stimulus checks to “illegal aliens and criminals” — despite the facts that people in the country illegally cannot get a stimulus check, and that both stimulus checks sent under the Trump Administration were also available to the same inmates who are eligible for the most recent one.

In a final tweet, he again implied that Democrats are angry — “apoplectic” — that he’s preventing them from using “millions of criminals and illegal aliens” to garner votes and win elections unfairly.

It should be reiterated that felons do not lose citizenship, and many can already have voting rights restored after meeting the conditions of their sentences.

As for anyone in the country illegally, the legislation addresses this only in terms of erroneous registration — an undocumented immigrant who is registered accidentally would not be prosecuted, provided that they did not attempt to cast a vote.

The legislation specifically emphasizes that it doesn’t protect anyone who “knowingly and willfully makes a false statement” in order to be registered to vote, or who “casts a ballot knowingly and willfully in violation of State law or the laws of the United States.”

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