Tech Company Abandons Arizona Hand Recount As Questions Rise

Wake TSI was, until recently, one of the subcontractors involved in the hand recount and election audit in Arizona. Now they’ve left the job, and the public is still left with questions about the audit, ideologies and biases that may be held by any participants, and exactly when the effort to relitigate the 2020 election will finally end.

Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

A new report in AZ Central discloses that Wake TSI’s contract was slated to end on May 14th — the same date the hand recount was supposed to be completed. Now it’s revealed that Wake chose not to renew the contract — but at the same time, the company’s political connections are still being examined.

Just days ago, the Arizona Mirror reported on Wake TSI’s connections to the Stop the Steal movement — a conspiracy group that claims Donald Trump won the election and Democrats ‘stole’ it from him for Joe Biden through any of a variety of unproven election fraud methods.

Specifically, the company was requested by name for a recount in Pennsylvania, by state senator Doug Mastriano — who has promoted the Stop the Steal conspiracy theory, even organizing a hearing to promote it.

The same reporter who brought this information forward says he’s also discovered connections to Sidney Powell, but that he’s contacted relevant entities — including Powell, Wake TSI, and others involved in the audit — and can’t get an answer about whether Powell herself is involved, or whether she and others involved in promoting the conspiracy theory are funding any part of the audit.

It’s not clear why Wake TSI’s choice to step out of the audit was only publicized after their connection to Sidney Powell was questioned, given that the official word is that the company was done with its share of the project nearly two weeks ago.

Many of the same volunteers and employees that were working on the audit for Wake TSI continue under the new subcontractor, StratTech.

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