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Team Trump Offers Nutty Excuse Instead of Evidence in Pennsylvania Voter Fraud Lawsuit

Team Trump Offers Nutty Excuse Instead of Evidence in Pennsylvania Voter Fraud Lawsuit

Last Thursday, a federal judge ordered President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee to produce evidence of voter fraud in a Pennsylvania lawsuit.

The lawsuit – which aims to prevent mail in voting and ballot boxes from being used in elections – was filed by the Trump campaign and the GOP in June of this year.

“The Court finds that instances of voter fraud are relevant to the claims and defenses in this case,” Judge Nicholas Ranjan, a Trump appointee, told the cohort of right-wing plaintiffs. “If there are no responsive documents, Plaintiffs must state as such.”

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As the deadline passed on Friday, Trump’s lackeys showed up to court, but not with material evidence. Instead, they presented a dizzying excuse as to why they should not have to pony up the proof Rajnan requested.

Long story short: voter fraud is an enormous problem because they say so.

“Voter fraud poses a legitimate and grave threat to free and fair elections. Indeed, as discussed more fully below and in Plaintiffs’ complaint, numerous instances of voter fraud throughout the country, including in Pennsylvania, have been well documented and publicly reported. See, e.g., P000120-509 (identifying myriad voter fraud cases across the country, including in Pennsylvania). Pennsylvania’s hurried and reckless adoption of numerous illegal and unequally applied policies regarding elections has only exacerbated the risk of voter fraud, and Plaintiffs will do everything in their power to protect the vote and ensure free and fair elections for all Americans,” the response read. “Plaintiffs do not need to demonstrate any evidence of fraud to prove their case-in-chief.”

The belief in a problem should be sufficient, they argued.

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“Neither the original Complaint nor the Amended Complaint contains an allegation that ‘ballot harvesting,’ ‘manipulating and destroying ballots,’ double voting, and/or voter fraud from mail-in and absentee ballots actually occurred during the Primary Election,” lawyers for Team Trump wrote. “The claims asserted by the plaintiffs do not hinge on evidence of voter fraud actually occurring.”

The suit is but a small cog in the Trump Administration’s election rigging and voter suppression machine. Most notably, Trump and his henchmen, like Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, are scrambling to cripple the United States Postal Service.

For millions, mail-in voting is the only safe choice amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 174,000 Americans since March, and is expected to worsen in the fall and winter months.

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