Teaching Science Rather Than Evolution Leads to Mass Shootings Evangelical Leader Tells Fox News

Tony Perkins, who served as a Louisiana State Senator in the early 90’s is the head of the Family Research Council. The Washington DC based lobbying group attempts to promote family values by advocating for Christian-based legislation.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Perkins recently appeared on Fox News to discuss what he feels are the root causes for the country’s recent spate of mass shootings. According to the Evangelical Leader, the teaching of science in school leads the shooters to devalue human life.

The FRC President shared a video of his Fox & Friends appearance, writing, “The latest shooting in West Texas is tragic. We need to come together from all sides to have a discussion as to how to end this. But we can’t just discuss the instruments of violence – we must address the inspiration. We need a return to faith & morality.”

Perkins also felt that the teaching of science makes students more willing to hurt others. He told the panel, “We’ve taught our kids that they come about by chance through primordial slime and then we’re surprised that they treat their fellow Americans like dirt.”

The Evangelical lobbyist did, however, have an easy solution to the epidemic violence. He thinks that the solution to the issue is to teach creationism in classrooms. According to Perkins, “I think we have to go back to the point where we instill in these children, at least give them the opportunity to know that they’re created in the image of God, therefore they have inherent value.”

Watch a video of Perkins’ appearance below:

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