Teacher Resigns After Saying Dead Protestors Would “Blend In With The Pavement”

A middle school teacher in Kentucky has resigned instead of facing disciplinary proceedings, after making racist online comments. Responding to a video of protestors apparently in a road or parking lot, she suggested that, if run over, the victims would “blend in with the pavement.”

Run over protestors, says teacher, they'll blend in with pavement
[Photo by: Joan Slatkin/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images; Screenshot of Comment via Facebook/Amy Roth]

According to the Courier-Journal, the video showed protestors near an RV. Though some reports describe the photo as protestors blocking a road, screenshots appear to show parking lot lines. Amy Roth, a special education teacher at Conway Middle School in Louisville, Kentucky, commented, saying, “Full speed ahead. Don’t worry they’ll blend in with the pavement.”

Earlier this month, Wave 3 News reported that, though Roth had followed up with an apology, saying that she posted the comments in anger, Jefferson County School District had opened an investigation. “I messed up. I said this out of anger. I am very sorry to everyone who saw this,” the second comment read.

Numerous people shared on social media that they had contacted the school, asking if it was acceptable for a person who thought that way to be allowed to teach children of color.

The school and district were tagged in many posts showing the screenshot, emails were sent, and calls were made.

Though the district would not discuss exactly what disciplinary measures were to be taken, saying only that they were “following policies and procedures in dealing with this personnel matter,” but district spokeswoman Renee Murphy did say, “the discipline process had been initiated when [Roth] resigned.”

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