Taylor Greene: Trump Indictment Means That 'We're Winning' [VIDEO]

On Thursday night, news broke that Donald Trump had been indicted for a second time. This indictment was much more serious, though than the one he faced in New York City. This indictment comes on a criminal federal level and there are seemingly mounds of evidence. 

GOP lawmakers came out in droves yesterday to claim that the indictment was political despite the fact that they haven't seen any evidence. Marjorie Taylor Greene was on Laura Ingraham's show last night and attempted to spin the story in a different way. 

Ingraham discussed the GOP's widely debunked Burisma claims, saying that the Trump indictment was an attempt to distract from that story. "I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. This has all just happened. Sheer coincidence."

Greene responded, "And we won some today when everyone feels like we’re losing – especially with this indictment of President Trump and this document hoax. But what we read today in the SCIF – and want to let everyone know this was an unclassified document. This is a document that all of America should be able to see. But the FBI is stonewalling us and they would only let us see it in a SCIF."

The Georgia Congresswoman continued, "I wrote down everything that I had just read. Some of it, I could come out and tell the American people what I read. And it’s exactly what you and many others have been reporting for so long. And it’s what everyone already knew."