Taxi Company Announces They Won’t Transport Vaccinated Or Masked Passengers

Some corporations are now requiring vaccinations for their employees, and many require all employees and customers, regardless of vaccination status, to wear masks. However, one company is doing something diametrically opposite — and in complete opposition to medical and scientific recommendations.

[Screenshot via YO Taxi]

KMOV4 was first to report on YO Transportation — a taxi company located in St. Louis, Missouri. The owner, Charlie Bullington, says that he’s confident in the rule he’s enforcing for all clients: no masks, and no vaccinations.

A clip from his interview can be seen below, and the full segment is on KMOV4 here.

However, customers have been complaining about this policy for a while. Yelp reviews of the company are currently on hold because of the negative feedback to the news story, but reviews show that the policy was already affecting customers in June. An example appears below from a consumer who says she tried to hire a car to transport her son to college and was told that no riders who had been vaccinated would be allowed.

[Screenshot via Yelp]

That’s not all — a review in August of 2020 also shows that a customer who rode wearing a mask was confronted by a driver who claimed the mask would make people ill, and deluged the riders with a political rant about his own feelings on masks.

[Screenshot via Yelp]

The company’s website does not currently appear to mention the mask and vaccine ban, but does promise “clean and safe vehicles,” and advertises that they’re available to transport customers to, among other things, schools and medical appointments.

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