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Tarnished Trump Brand Has Ivanka Panicked Over Future

Tarnished Trump Brand Has Ivanka Panicked Over Future

For most of her adult life Ivanka Trump has been all about – some would say only about – her “brand.” Before her father became president she very carefully cultivated an image of glamour and polish for her line of fashion and jewelry products.

Once Donald Trump became president and appointed her an “adviser” she began to look forward to a political future of her own, perhaps challenging Marco Rubio for his Florida Senate seat. But there are several signs her plans for the future could be ruined.

Both Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner are worried that they will forever be connected with the horrific images of last week’s riot at the U.S. Capitol. CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennett reports the couple is “in a bit of a panic as they look to their future … they’re questioning everything now, from where they’re going to live after the White House to what their careers will be.”

They both recognize they’ll never be welcomed into the New York social scene and probably won’t be wanted in Bedminster, N.J., both of which are Democratic leaning. More likely is that they, along with her father, brother Don Jr. and half-sister Tiffany, will retreat to Trump-friendly Florida.

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Additionally, a source told Bennett, the Trump riots are making it “very difficult for them to tout any achievements they’ve made inside this administration” that they were planning to make as part of a “farewell tour.”

Instead of a smile-and-wave final White House chapter, in the wake of the riot Ivanka and Jared are busy trying to keep the President from saying too little or too much, throwing themselves on a grenade they aren’t certain will detonate but not able to take the chance either way.

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