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Tampa School Board Member Calls DeSantis “The Mad King of COVID”

Tampa School Board Member Calls DeSantis “The Mad King of COVID”

Right now, the state of Florida is the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, Ron DeSantis does not seem at all interested in doing anything about the crisis. In fact, the governor is more focused about continuing to fight the culture war.

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And DeSantis has also gone to war against school districts that might want to keep their student’s safe. He went so far as to threaten to not pay administrators that instituted mitigation efforts. This weekend, Jessica Vaughn slammed DeSantis for making it impossible for schools to do their jobs.

Vaughn, who serves on the Hillsborough Country Board, told Business Insider, “Our governor is the mad king of the COVID era. It feels like a nightmare I can’t wake up from.”

The board member continued, “You have panicked parents, people who feel, ‘what are my choices: either sending my child into a potentially threatening, dangerous environment where they could get very sick or bring home sickness, or not send them to school?'”

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Vaughn closed her comments, “We should have the ability to make decisions for the people who elected us. I don’t know how we got to a place where it’s okay to gamble with our children’s health and safety.”


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