Take Biden’s Votes Away — Then Trump Wins, Explains Rudy Giuliani, In Georgia House Zoom Call

Rudy Giuliani, in a Zoom call to the Georgia House of Representatives, described colorful and fantastical scenarios in which he falsely claims election workers were caught on tape engaged in fraud. He went on to suggest that votes for Democrats should be taken away in one particular voting district — then Trump would win the state.

Biden would lose if Trump was given his votes, Rudy argues
[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

Georgia’s votes are certified. The safe harbor date has passed, and lawsuit after lawsuit to overturn the results has failed in court. However, Giuliani, whose contact with the Arizona legislature resulted in quarantines due to possible COVID-19 exposure, reached out to the Georgia House on Thursday to offer further thoughts.

Raw Story noted that though Giuliani described USB drives being passed around “as if they’re vials of heroin or cocaine,” it was never really clear what illegal activity was being alleged there — just the president’s lawyer attempting to convey something shadowy and sneaky, without ever offering evidence of any wrongdoing.

He threw out some other incoherent allegations too — “The voter records for your county show that 96,600 mail-in ballots were voted, yet the records — the records don’t show that those votes were ever received back.”

This appears to reflect the claim in Sidney Powell’s lawsuit, covered here by Law&Crime, alleging that nearly 100k ballots were requested and counted without being actually returned. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported earlier this week, that case was thrown out, after the legal team failed to bring any evidence of their claims.

Ultimately, Giuliani’s conclusion is, “Those votes should be taken away.”

“And in the case of the votes in that center, the votes should clearly be taken away from the Democrat party. Because the Democrat party was in complete control of that center. Every single vote should be taken away from Biden. The minute that happens, Trump wins the state by a nice healthy margin.”

Giuliani goes on to claim that Trump actually won Pennsylvania and that if New York had been a swing state, Democrats would have stolen it too. The electoral college meets in just four days.

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