Susan Collins Won’t Campaign Against Joe Biden

Susan Collins, the often disappointed Senator from Maine, has announced she won’t be openly campaigning against Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, because they’re former colleagues.

“I do not campaign against my colleagues in the Senate,” Collins told the New York Times. Biden served as a US Senator from 1973 until 2009.

This is a typical duck from Collins, who always seems to create controversy while trying to actively avoid it like cats avoid water. Saying she wants to focus on her own race, Collins is keeping to her track record of not actually saying anything when she says things.

With today’s SCOTUS ruling allowing employers to opt-out of birth control coverage for their employees, Collins is only making it harder on herself, with many pointing the finger at her vote and consistent defenses for Brett Kavanaugh. 

Collins is already facing a tough challenger in Sara Gideon, who’s currently polling much higher and has outraised Collins by more than double. She’s also one of the most vulnerable GOP Senators, having fallen out of Donald Trump‘s good graces due to her increased criticisms of his administration.

It was also announced that Collins won’t be attending the still-not-canceled GOP Convention in Jacksonville, which is scheduled for August 24th through the 27th. While that will free her up to focus on her campaign, being backed by the controversial website The Federalist isn’t exactly the best look for such an unpopular candidate. And while it’s not a full-on endorsement for Joe Biden, Collins still hasn’t committed to voting for her party’s nominee in November.

Watch for Collins to play this game all the way up to Election Day.


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