Susan Collins, Who Voted Against DACA, Celebrates SCOTUS Dreamer Decision

Susan Collins has made herself enemies on both both sides of the political aisle. She earned fleeting praise from Democratic lawmakers after voting to protect the Affordable Care Act. Much of that goodwill, however, was lost when she voted to acquit Donald Trump from impeachment. The Maine senator famously said that she believed the President had learned his lesson.

Photo by Toni L. Sandys-Pool/Getty Images

After 3 years of turmoil under Trump, Collins now finds herself in a tough senate reelection bid. Multiple polls have shown her likely opponent, Sara Gideon, leading by a comfortable margin. In an effort to help her flailing campaign, Collins praised the Supreme Court’s recent decision to protect Dreamers. While Dreamers have significant support from a majority of Americans, Collins voted against DACA in 2010.

Collins said on Friday, “I have long supported a path to citizenship for Dreamers…Now that the Court has ruled, Congress should take up legislation like the Dream Act so that these young people can stop living in fear.”

This statement was quickly met with condemnation. Writer Daniel Nichanian pointed out:

“Susan Collins voted against the Dream Act in 2010. 3 Republicans voted for the Dream Act on that same day, in Dec. 2010. Lisa Murkowski (still there), Dick Lugar (ousted in a primary next election), & Bob Bennett (ousted via convention next election). Something the simplest tweets do the best. And nothing is simpler than a Senator having cast a vote on a nationally-watched roll call vote. Nowhere to hide.”

Former Avengers writer Kurt Busiek also weighed in, tweeting, “The first 10 words are a lie. The rest of it is long overdue.”

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