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Susan Collins Sort of Admits That Trump Screwed Up COVID Response

Susan Collins Sort of Admits That Trump Screwed Up COVID Response

Susan Collins has, at times, gone against the President. Those days seem to be long gone, though. Collins is frequently criticized for wavering on Trump and she is now locked in a tight battle with Sara Gideon to retain her senate seat.

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On Friday night, Gideon and Collins faced off in a senatorial debate. During the event, the Democratic challenger frequently tied the GOP senator to Trump. At one point, Collins criticized the President for not being transparent about the coronavirus.

The debate moderator asked Collins, “Did the president fail in his responsibility to protect the health and safety of Americans?”

The senator replied, “I believe that the president should have been straightforward with the American people. The American people can take hard facts, and he had an obligation as president to be straightforward with them and to tell all that he has known.”

At another point in the debate, Collins also refused to say who she would vote for in the upcoming presidential election. “Let me say this: I don’t think the people of Maine need my advice on whom to support for president.”

This response, though, allowed Gideon to score a point on her opponent. The Democrat explained, “What we have seen over the past four years is a concerted effort to change the face of the judiciary, and we have seen nominees come from this president that are unqualified and not fit to be judicial nominees. Yet Sen. Collins has voted, as of this week, for 170 of them.”

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