Susan Collins is Against 2K Stimulus Because it Would Help People Who Don’t Really Need It

For a number of years, Susan Collins enabled Donald Trump. While she often said she was “concerned” about the president, she regularly refused to do anything about his behavior.

Photo by Toni L. Sandys-Pool/Getty Images

In November, there was a possibility that Collins could be voted out of her seat in favor of Democrat Sara Gideon. Despite going for Joe Biden by 9%, Mainers easily reelected the incumbent senator.

And it seems like Collins will continue to fluster those who are opposed to her. She told reporters on Tuesday that she was against a $2,000 stimulus because it would help to many people who didn’t really need the money.

Collins told the Hill, “For working families & frontline workers I think that this would be very helpful..I am concerned the way it is structured it would also benefit upper income individuals because it does not phase out as quickly as the $600 check.”

The Maine senator continued, “For a family of 4,the income level at which you would get nothing is more than $300,000 & in a state like mine,that’s high income. So,I don’t know whether it’s possible to put a cap on it or make some changes or whether this is going to be an all or nothing boat.”

Collins also supported Mitch McConnell’s refusal to even hold a vote on the matter. “I do think that Senator Sanders holding up the vital defense authorization bill is a big mistake,” she said. “And I think these are 2 separate issues just as Section 230 of the Telecommunications Act is a completely different issue, & that they should be dealt with according.”


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