Susan Collins Gets Blasted For Fourth Of July Tweet

Republican Susan collins suffered a backlash when she tweeted her thoughts on the suffering of small businesses in Maine on the Fourth of July. She lamented the fact that small businesses in her state did not enjoy the usual holiday boom due to the coronavirus pandemic. She tweeted, “The Fourth of July is typically the height of Maine’s busy summer tourism season, but near-empty hotels, inns, B&Bs, and restaurants underscore the devastating effects the pandemic has had on many of our state’s small businesses and jobs.”

Twitter users were quick to remind Collins that she is a part of the party that has allowed the crisis to get out of hand by enabling President Trump. Twitter users also would not let her forget that she allowed Trump to stay in power by voting to acquit him during his impeachment trial. Maine is not the only state suffering as many places are seeing a rise in coronavirus cases due to reopening at the demand of Trump. Many states say they now regret reopening and are delaying future reopening phases.

President Trump is on record saying that people will have to die to save the economy. Many point out that if Trump would have acted sooner against the virus America could be fully reopening with no new cases like New Zealand. Trump also believes that the virus will simply disappear which is a notion rejected by health officials. Susan Collins and the Republican Senate are facing a huge backlash come November and it is uncertain if they will survive.

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