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Supreme Court Temporarily Halts Lower Court Order To Turn Trump Tax Records Over To Congress

Supreme Court Temporarily Halts Lower Court Order To Turn Trump Tax Records Over To Congress

The United States Supreme Court announced on Monday afternoon it was placing a temporary hold on a lower court order requiring President Donald Trump’s accounting firm to hand over documents to the House of Representatives.

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Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, which sought the records of the president, have until Thursday of this week to respond to the order. That committee had originally sought out Trump’s tax records to conduct an inquiry into whether ethics-in-government laws needed to be updated, CNBC reported.

It’s unclear at this time what kind of timeline will be followed after the response from Democrats is given. The order was issued and signed by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts. The stay is not indicative of what the Court’s final actions on the matter will be.

Additionally, the Supreme Court’s order addressed just one case where a subpoena to Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA, was ordered by a lower court to be turned over to investigators. Other courts have ruled in similar ways within different jurisdictions, for different rationales and by different actors making the requests for Trump’s tax records to be made available to them, and it’s unclear whether the Supreme Court will issue a stay on those rulings in addition to the one made on Monday.

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The tax documents were originally slated to be handed over to the Congressional committee as early as Wednesday, CNN reported. Trump’s legal team filed a quick request for a stay of the lower court’s ruling late last week.

Trump had promised during the 2016 presidential campaign to release his taxes once an audit was completed. After he won the election, Trump failed to produce records and claimed the American people no longer cared about them.

But polling on the issue demonstrates just the opposite, as a majority of Americans are still concerned about possible conflicts of interest Trump may have. A Morning Consult poll from April, for example, demonstrated that 51 percent of Americans supported efforts by Democrats in Congress to get ahold of the president’s tax records. And a Quinnipiac University poll from March found that respondents believe Trump should voluntarily turn over his records, with 64 percent saying so, versus 29 percent who say he shouldn’t do so.

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