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Supreme Court Says Trump Needs to Speed Up Tax Return Reveal

Supreme Court Says Trump Needs to Speed Up Tax Return Reveal

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While he said he was willing to show his tax returns in 2016, Donald Trump has done everything in his power to hide them. The President was even willing to take his case to the highest court in the land. The Supreme Court, however, sided against Trump and will allow the state of New York to get copies of the returns.

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The GOP and the President’s lawyers are hoping to delay the release of the returns until after the November election. The Supreme Court threw a wrench in their plan on Friday when they agreed to expedite the order on his returns.

Following the decision, Conservative media attempted to spin the courts decision as a win for Trump. Kayleigh McEnany said last week, “The justices did not rule against him, in fact it was a unanimous opinion saying that this needs to go back to the district court, and they even recognized that the president has an ample arsenal of arguments that he can make.”

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But those records will now be shown sooner. Carey Dunne, from the District Attorney’s office said of the matter, “What the president’s lawyers are seeking here is delay. I think that’s the entire strategy. Every day that goes by, the president wins the type of absolute temporary immunity he’s been seeking in this case, even though he’s lost on that claim before every court that’s heard it, including now the Supreme Court.”


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