Supreme Court Rules Against Donald Trump In SDNY Tax Subpoena Case

The Supreme Court was to hear two cases Thursday regarding President Donald Trump’s obligation, r lack thereof, to comply with subpoenas for his financial records. While Trump took a small win — in the form of a delay — in one case, SCOTUS ruled against him in the other. First, the Justices were tasked with deciding whether the president could be forced to comply with a subpoena in a case in which the Southern District of New York is asking for his tax returns. Then they considered whether he could be forced to turn over documents to House Committees.

donald trump loses at supreme court
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

According to the New York Post, in a 7-2 decision, the court ruled that Trump is not immune to subpoenas related to criminal investigations. This doesn’t mean Trump has to turn over anything today, though — only that the SDNY can proceed, and it’s still a process that could take months.

The other ruling, Trump v Mazars, was also 7-2, but in the opposite direction.

Trump responded to the rulings in a multi-tweet rant in which he termed the proceedings “prosecutorial misconduct.”

The president had already expressed frustration with the proceedings Thursday morning, tweeting to complain about “presidential harassment” as well as “prosecutorial misconduct.”

In both cases, the immediate effect is the same: lower courts will continue to try to work out the details, and there’s no reason to think any documents will be turned over in the immediate future. However, the ruling that a president is not immune to subpoenas regarding criminal investigations could have echoing effects.

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