Superspreader Rick Wiles Survives COVID-19 After Infecting His Wife & Staff

On Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, right-wing conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles and his wife Susan were admitted to the emergency room with acute, severe cases of COVID-19. Wiles became infected a month after proclaiming that he would not be receiving a vaccination because he insisted it was part of a plot to kill Christians in a global genocide.

Rick WIles says thank God BLM will be hunted down

On Tuesday, Wiles announced on Twitter that he has been released from the hospital where he received the necessary medical care. But he did not credit his doctors or nurses for facilitating his recovery. Instead, he claimed that he managed to purge the virus from his body through prayer.

“Thanks to Jesus Christ, I survived the CCP Covid genocide on American people. I will be released from the hospital later today. My breathing is returning to normal. Pneumonia defeated. The worst is over. My deepest gratitude for all the prayers. I will share more later,” Wiles tweeted. “On the darkest night, the Holy Spirit gave me Psalm 118:17 for strength. I shall not die, but I shall live and declare the works of the Lord.”

Numerous staffers at Wiles’ TruNews propaganda television program, however, have not been so lucky, despite “all the prayers” that were supposedly delivered to God on their behalf.

Wiles, it now appears, was a one-man coronavirus superspreader who had infected those closest to him along with their families.

“Please also pray for our TRUNEWS team members, and their family who have the flu and COVID.  We value each of our staff, and they each play an essential role in this ministry.  Would you lift them up as well?” TruNews admitted in a letter that was sent out to supporters over the weekend.

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