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Superspreader Rick Wiles Calls for Civil War Over Truth Itself

Superspreader Rick Wiles Calls for Civil War Over Truth Itself

Right-wing conspiracy theorist and COVID-19 superspreader Rick Wiles said on last Friday’s TruNews program that the United States that his generation knew is being “taken from us” and that only a new Civil War can stop what he sees as President Joe Biden’s “communist revolution”


Wiles’ anger stemmed from the Biden Administration’s door-to-door campaign to get unvaccinated Americans inoculated against the coronavirus – which thanks to the more virulent Delta variant has begun exploding across the nation. Wiles was also incensed over the Biden Administration’s efforts to combat misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.

“Let’s stop being nice about these people. Look, I’m guilty of being too diplomatic and too nice,” Wiles said without a shred of irony.

“These are not good people. They’re not good people. They’re evil, and they’re wicked, and they want us dead. Let’s get it out on the table. Let’s get it out on the table. They’re wicked, they’re evil, they’re not good, and they want us dead. Is that clear enough?” Wiles asked his panel.

He then called for Civil War.

“I say let’s meet at Gettysburg, get this over with. That bunch of sissified lefties would never come out and meet real men. Never. They’re cowards. They’re a bunch of cowards that never would come out and face real men. They’ll never do it. They’re nothing but stinking cowards. I’m fed up with putting up with their crap.”

“I’m a free man. I live in a free country and men died for this country, and on my watch, in my generation, we’re watching it being taken from us and we’re too lazy to stop it?” Wiles growled. “We ought to be ashamed of ourselves. We ought to be ashamed that we’re allowing these cowards to take our country. We don’t want to be inconvenienced with putting down a communist revolution. Yeah. It’s here, and if the people don’t do something very, very soon, you’re going to end up in a concentration camp, and after that, you’re going to end up in a grave.”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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