Superspreader Christmas Event to Be Held at Mar-A-Lago

For the third year in a row, the conservative group Turning Point USA is hosting its annual Winter Gala at Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago property in Florida despite a new cluster of COVID19 cases in the immediate area. Locals already don’t want Trump to return to his resort after he leaves the White House in January, so the news of this event most likely won’t sit well with them either.

Pricing for the event ranged from $2,000 for an individual ticket to $100,000 to host a table and has already sold out. Speakers at the eventĀ  Senator Rand Paul, Fox News host Laura Ingraham, and Trump sycophant Charlie Kirk.

It’s ironic that TPUSA is going ahead with their maskless indoor event, seeing as their founder, Bill Montgomery, who launched the Trump-supporting group with Kirk back in 2012, died due to complications from COVID-19 in July at the age of 80. TPUSA has also had a shady history of dodging taxes while continuing to push Donald Trump’s agendas and faces possible investigation.

The record-breaking surge in COVID-19 cases and dire warnings from public health officials to avoid large crowds will also not stop a group of conservative high school and college students from descending on the Palm Beach County Convention Center this month for the annual student action summit also hosted by Turning Point USA. Contributions from major Republican donors have enabled the group to host its annual summit in West Palm Beach and heavily subsidize hotel expenses. Applications to attend the event increased 40 percent over last year despite the coronavirus epidemic.

County officials confirmed they are working with Turning Point, although specific details of the plan have not been made public. However, aĀ reopening plan published on the convention center’s website includes attendance restrictions to accommodate for social distancing. Before the pandemic, the combined ballrooms could seat 2,070. The pandemic guidelines recommend no more than 300.

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