Super Conservative Ann Coulter on Donald Trump: “I’m Glad He Lost”

Donald Trump frequently talks about his overwhelming support among Republican voters. What he doesn’t talk about, though, is how many Republicans stand in opposition to him. The loudest of these people were from the Lincoln Project, former GOP operatives who regularly bashed the president.

Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Politicon

While Ann Coulter didn’t go as far as people like Rick Wilson or Stuart Stevens, it was clear that she wasn’t a fan of the president. And during an event on Thursday night at the University of Texas at Austin, she said that she is happy that he lost.

Coulter opened by calling the election, “the best of all possible worlds.” She continued, “The reason I’m very happy that [President] Trump lost – and lost narrowly – is that a second term of Trump would have killed us. What we want, and what I think we can get in four years, is Trumpism without Trump.”

“We have to take care of our own first,” said the controversial media pundit. “That’s Trumpism. And it hasn’t been tried. It certainly hasn’t triumphed,” before adding that the president talks — or tweets — a good game, with Coulter telling the crowd, “We have to take care of our own first. That’s Trumpism. And it hasn’t been tried. It certainly hasn’t triumphed. [W]ith Trump … He’d say these wild things that we’d get blamed for, he’d get attacked on, and then actually did nothing. Trump thinks, ‘I tweeted it. Therefore, it’s done.'”

Coulter closed her comments, “Talking about it isn’t the same as doing it. Much like as he tweeted out, ‘Law and Order,’ and yet cities are still burning across the nation. [He] didn’t do anything about it. It’s like he didn’t know he was president.”

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