Sunny Hostin Can't Believe How Orange Donald Trump is in Person

Most people know someone who overdoes it with self-tanner. If it is a cheap self-tanner, it will turn their skin orange. No one looks more orange than the Republican nominee for the Presidency, Donald Trump. 

One of the hosts on The View, Sunny Hostin, is a lawyer by trade, recently sat in the courtroom during Trump's trial in New York. And the main takeaway for Hostin was that she couldn't believe the color of his skin. 

"It’s a burnt sienna," Hostin told the audience.  "I have never seen him in person. I didn’t realize he was that orange… It’s almost like a radioactive orange, and it’s very shocking to see in person because he’s a tall person and he’s also a little thinner now."

Hostin then turned her attention to the case, saying: 

"I think that cases are won and lost with jury selection. There are several lawyers on the jury. That was striking to me. It’s a very diverse jury,” she said. “There are many more women on the jury than there are men, even including the alternates. I mean, I couldn’t tell which ones were the alternates but there are 18 people and the majority of them are women, so that was kind of interesting to me because if people drop out it’s a pretty female skewed jury. I will also say it’s one of the most engaged juries I’ve seen."