Subpoenas Ramp Up At Trump Organization With Senior Finance Executive

The investigation into potential financial crimes at the Trump Organization is tightening, and a senior finance official has been served with a subpoena. Jeffrey McConney, whose LinkedIn lists him as a Senior Vice President and Controller at the Trump Org, has reportedly already spoken to the Grand Jury.

[Photo by James Devaney/GC Images]

According to the New York Times, McConney is one of a small number of officials in the Trump Organization with access to the company finances. He has already spoken to the Grand Jury convened to determine whether there will be indictments for Donald Trump or anyone within his companies. He has been at the company for 35 years — long enough to know where the proverbial bodies are buried.

Salon notes that one important take from this is that in New York, witnesses who testify in a capacity such as McConney’s receive immunity for themselves, but they also, as an effect of this, cannot plea the Fifth Amendment to refuse to answer a question.

The grand jury, impaneled last month, doesn’t mean that charges are a sure thing, but insiders and legal experts continue to predict that several factors — the grand jury, pressure on Trump Org. Chief Financial Officer Alan Weisselburg, and subpoenas — all suggest that the investigation is moving more towards criminal charges than a quiet close.

Donald Trump has continued to characterize the investigation as a “witch hunt” and claim that it is politically motivated. His former attorney, Michael Cohen, who went to prison for crimes committed on Trump’s behalf, has had multiple interactions with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, and has made it clear that he continues to be available for further consultation.

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