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Subpoenaed Roger Stone Is Ready To Throw 1/6 Planners, Trump Supporters, Under The Bus

Subpoenaed Roger Stone Is Ready To Throw 1/6 Planners, Trump Supporters, Under The Bus

Trump ally Roger Stone may not be anxious to testify before Congress, but he’s clearly ready to throw others under the proverbial bus. After being included in the latest round of Congressional subpoenas as a witness to the events leading up to the January 6th attack, he had a lot to say — and he didn’t hesitate to name names.

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 05: Roger Stone, former advisor to President Trump, speaks in front of the Supreme Court on January 05, 2021 in Washington, DC. Today’s rally kicks off two days of pro-Trump events fueled by President Trump’s continued claims of election fraud and a last-ditch effort to overturn the results before Congress finalizes them on January 6. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Stone fired off on multiple of his social media pages, incriminating people from Steve Bannon to Katerina Pierson. His Telegram channel, for instance, bore the following message:

[Screenshot via Roger Stone/Telegram]

Given what I know, I am perplexed as to why the January 6 committee has not issued a subpoena to Katrina Pierson, in other words someone deeply involved in the violent and unlawful acts of January 6, rather than me, given that I was not there and have no advance knowledge or involvement whatsoever in the events at the Capitol [t]hat day.

It’s not just Pierson he’s ready to blame, though, and not just for the attack on the Capitol. Cornered, he’s pointing fingers freely, and he’s also ready to implicate Steve Bannon, in a different investigation. On his Gab, he discussed connections between Bannon and the sex trafficking charges that Jeffrey Epstein was facing before his death in prison, also (perhaps inadvertently?) hinting at dirt Epstein could have had on Trump.

[Screenshot via Roger Stone/Gab]

One person worried about having their name come up in the Maxwell/Epstein trial is Steve Bannon who visited Epstein at least three times in both New York and Paris. Bannon’s claim that he communicated with Epstein to “find out what he had on Trump” is false in view of the fact that Sloppy Steve visited Epstein after the election and after Steve had been fired by Trump. Was Bannon Seeking cash or children to have sex with? The Epstein /Bannon connection is documented in the New York [P]ost and elsewhere.

He’s referring to previous revelations that Epstein reportedly confirmed that the Trump camp reached out in fear that he had dirt on the then-candidate, and affirmed that Trump had good reasons to worry about that — but Stone turns the story in a different direction by insinuating that Bannon is actually a guilty party in the Epstein case.

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Appearing on OneAmericaNews, Stone described his own actions as “perfectly legal constitutionally protected political activity,” saying there is no evidence he knew anything in advance about the violence on January 6th. Instead, he says, the committee should be focusing on Ray Epps, “who is definitely an FBI informant…where is his subpoena, I ask?”

Stone says that he hasn’t yet decided how to respond to the subpoena (though he does throw out an invitation for donations) but that he has weeks yet to make a decision. That’s certainly plenty of time to point fingers of blame at a lot more Trump supporters, if that’s the defense tactic he’s choosing.

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