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Stupid Trump Supporters Attack Garth Brooks, Confuse Barry Sanders For 2020 Dem Frontrunner

Stupid Trump Supporters Attack Garth Brooks, Confuse Barry Sanders For 2020 Dem Frontrunner

In case you were having doubts that we were living in a Stage 4 Idiocracy,  President Trump’s million-moron-army of hoopleheads in red caps continue to suspend all doubt.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for NAMM

Following a sold-out show in Detroit, Michigan Country Rock star Garth Brooks posted a photo on Instagram of himself donning the jersey of NFL Hall of Fame Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders. But not only are Trump supporters ignorant of basic NFL facts, they also seem to think that no other human exists with the same last name (Sanders) of a potential foe.

Perhaps I need to scream at my next-door neighbor, Jim McConnell.

Country music fans were quick to let Garth know that his job was to sing — not be political. That’s right — tons of fans took “SANDERS 20” as a political endorsement, totally ignoring a simple Google search that could have cleared this all up.

“I was lucky enough to be an athlete and to wear the same uniform as this guy wore in college,” Brooks told his fans. “I was lucky to go to school with him. You guys got the greatest player in NFL history in my opinion in this jersey. I love this man.”

“Good grief,” one of Trump’s supporters wrote. “Can’t you just do what you get paid to do???? Why why why does it have to involve politics!!! So sad.”

“Nothing like supporting a communist to loss a few fans!” said another, who also misspelled the word “lose.”

Clearly mocking the horribly confused Trump humpers, the Detriot Lions posted this very funny image of Barry Sanders in a 2020 poster.

Brooks, who happily played at President Obama’s Inauguration but turned down playing at Trump’s in 2017 (despite being invited), is a man of big tent idealism and rejects hatred of any kind.

In addition to dispelling the myth that Trump supporters know anything about anything,  could we also dispel the myth that liberals are somehow the easily triggered snowflakes?

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