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Study Shows Majority Of Whites In The South Don’t Believe Systemic Racism Is A Thing

Study Shows Majority Of Whites In The South Don’t Believe Systemic Racism Is A Thing

A new report released this week details that a majority of white people in the South do not believe that systemic racism or the legacies of slavery play a role in the current economic conditions of people of color.

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“Divided by Design,” the name of the report released by the E Pluribus Unum Fund, demonstrated stark differences in perception on this issue.

When asked a general query about whether white Americans have more opportunities than people of color have to make money, 90 percent of African American respondents said that’s the case, and 63 percent of Latinx respondents agreed. But among white respondents, only 44 percent believed that situation to be the case, Newsweek reported.

In a similar question, regarding whether respondents agreed that systemic racism and the legacy of slavery played a part in today’s economic conditions for people of color, an even smaller number of whites in the South agreed, with 37 percent believing that statement to be true.

“There is very little recognition among white Southerners that the playing field has been tilted toward them in a way that has provided significant socio-economic advantages over the course of generations,” the report said.

According to numerous research studies on the issue, racism is indeed still rampant, including within employment. One study found that resumes with “white-sounding” names received 50 percent more callbacks from employers than did resumes with supposedly “black-sounding” names, all other things being equal, according to the Poverty Action Lab.

Indeed, having a “white” name was found to be the equivalent to having eight years of experience on a resume, that study found.

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