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Study Reveals That Animal Grade Ivermectin Caused Sterilization in 85% of Men

Study Reveals That Animal Grade Ivermectin Caused Sterilization in 85% of Men

The hosts of the Fox News network have been very hesitant to recommend the COVID-19 vaccine to their viewers. They have, however, been quick to urge the use of other drugs. First, it was hydroxychloroquine, which proved to be relatively ineffective against the illness.

Lately, the drug ivermectin has been pushed by both Fox hosts and influential podcaster Joe Rogan. This has led to many people taking the animal paste version of the medication. According to a recent study conducted in Nigeria, the animal grade version of ivermectin caused sterility in 85% of men.

WFLA Tampa reports:

“The study conducted by researchers in Nigeria screened 385 patients with river blindness to investigate the effects of Ivermectin on sperm function.

The researchers found that 85 percent of all male patients treated in a particular center with ivermectin in the recent past who went to the laboratory for routine tests were discovered to have developed various forms, grades and degrees of sperm dysfunction.”

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Dr. Ogechika Alozie, an infectious disease expert explained, “The reality is this: the things that we know work so far, dexamethasone, actemra, remdesivir in the hospital. Things that work before you go to the hospital like antibody infusions and the vaccines have loads more data than Ivermectin.”

The doctor continued, “I get that people are scared, I get that people are worried. But it puzzles me that people would use something with such little data compared to something that has such great data and we know works.”

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