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Students Not Allowed To Protest At LSU-Alabama Game? The ‘Trump Baby’ Balloon Steps In

Students Not Allowed To Protest At LSU-Alabama Game? The ‘Trump Baby’ Balloon Steps In

President Donald Trump isn’t having the best track record at sporting events, where fans of the games or contests he’s attended have recently taken to booing him.

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He was booed by thousands at the World Series game five in Washington D.C. He was also recently booed at extensively by fans during a UFC fight in New York.

Perhaps hoping to stave off the trend, the student government at the University of Alabama sent a message to students attending the LSU-Alabama game, where Trump will also be in attendance at: boo Trump there, and risk losing your season tickets.

“Any organizations that engage in disruptive behavior during the game will be removed from block seating instantly for the remainder of the season,” the note from the student government read.

But if you’re worried about the students not being allowed to boo, don’t worry: other forms of protest are slated to happen, including the famous “Trump Baby” balloon.

A fundraiser to bring the Trump Baby to Alabama was successful, raising $4,000 needed to prop it up just blocks from the stadium within just a few hours of announcing the goal, The Independent reported.

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While the balloon has been set up several places around the world, a Birmingham resident, Nic Gulas, was instrumental in bringing the “Trump Baby” to this event. Gulas, an alum at the University of Alabama, tweeted out his joyfulness when the goal was reached. “WE DID IT!!!” Gulas wrote.

It’s unclear at this moment whether Trump will drive by the balloon or not. The LSU-Alabama game — which pits the number-1 team in the nation against the number-2 team, respectively — will be played on Saturday afternoon.

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