#StopThemNow Puts a Spotlight on the Dangerous Groups Behind the CA Gov Recall

LOS ANGELES, CA —In a continuation of their ad series countering the Republican Party’s messaging machine, Strike PAC, a new, pro-democracy Super PAC, released a new video ad, titled “Stop Them Now” that addresses the nefarious forces behind California’s Gubernatorial Recall. 

The ad, which premiered on FOX LA News Thursday night, puts a spotlight on how the anti-democratic, white supremacist-enabling GOP is actually the driving force behind California’s Gubernatorial Recall, blatantly attempting to attack and dismantle our California values.

To view “#StopThemNow”, click on the image below:

Strike PAC founder Rachel Bitecofer released the following statement with the unveiling of the ad:

“Like they are all across the country, Republicans in California are working to overturn a democratic election by exploiting the conspiratorial fears of their Qanon-supporting, white supremacist base. The Gubernatorial Recall is going to fail because the fascist forces driving it are completely contrary to California’s progressive values. We are excited to launch ‘Stop Them Now’ to provide air cover exposing the recall effort as an unmitigated failure fueled by the most poisonous elements of our politics and society.”

Previously, Strike PAC unveiled a powerful new video ad, titled “Steal”, which spotlights VA GOP nominee Glenn Youngkin’s goal to enact Georgia and Texas-style election rigging legislation in VA.

The brainchild of political scientist and election analyst Rachel Bitecofer, Strike PAC produces aggressive, emotive, branding messaging designed to counter the Republican Party’s messaging machine and force the GOP to play defense. The PAC intends to offset the structural advantage held by Republicans as the party out-of-power in Washington by making Virginia’s 2021 cycle a referendum on the modern GOP.

For more information, please visit www.strikepac.com. To donate, click here.

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