Strategist Thinks Trump's Christmas Tweets Will Turn off GOP Voters [VIDEO]

Much of the MAGA base has shown that they are willing to vote for Donald Trump no matter what he says or does. But there is also another segment of voters, the ones that decide elections, who can still be turned off by the former President's actions. 

This weekend, Trump posted a Christmas message hoping for his political enemies to rot in hell. A CNN panel discussed the former President's words and how they might be looked upon by voters. 

Paul Begala opined, "A lot of people will say, 'This is our holy day.' Our savior, the light of the world!', 'The prince of peace!' He is using that to [commit] blasphemy? And he's saying 'rot in hell?'"

While noting that he didn't expect Evangelical leaders to speak out against Trump, Begala continued, "It can have an effect if people of good faith and my faith will stand up and say 'There's nothing Christian about telling people to rot in hell on Christmas Day.'"

Scott Jennings, the Republican talking head on the show had the typical GOP response. saying, "They know who he is, how he acts, what motivates him. They know how he campaigns. They know what issue he cares about and I don't think this is out of character for him."