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Strategist: If GOP Sticks With Trump There May Not Be a Republican Party in 2024 [VIDEO]

Strategist: If GOP Sticks With Trump There May Not Be a Republican Party in 2024 [VIDEO]

Once Donald Trump was named the Republican nominee for president in 2016, the party was changed forever. This was evident during the 2020 RNC. Rather than revealing any kind of party platform, Republicans essentially said that it was just about Trump.

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Amanda Carpenter blames this strategy for the party’s failure to win the house, senate or presidency last year. The CNN pundit says that if the GOP continues to be the party of Trump, it may not exist a few years from now.

Carpenter said during a recent broadcast, “And even after losing straight elections, the Republican Party has not found a way to re-imagine itself going forward,” she continued before elaborating.”

The Conservative pundit then told host Erica Hill:

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“I mean, the Republican National Committee as an apparatus says, as a policy matter, Donald Trump is still leader of the Republican Party — that will guide what they do in 2022. But, Erica, I’m worried about 2024. I think a lack of imagination as to what party loyalists would be willing to do with Trump created huge blind spots for the 2020 election. I looked back as a Republican voter at the 2020 primary season — there wasn’t one. Erica, they canceled primaries.”

Carpenter closed, “What makes anyone think if the Republican Party is successful in 2022, there is going to be a Republican Party in 2024? The whole rationale behind it was that we need to make it easier for Trump to get the nomination. I don’t know how that would change the way things are going right now under the leadership of [RNC head] Ronna McDaniel and others.”

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