Strategist Explains How Fox Won't Be Able to Hide Trump's Craziness During Debate [VIDEO]

Donald Trump has aged an awful lot since he's been president and his perception of reality seems to have heavily diminished. People who follow politics have seen countless clips of the former President glitching while giving speeches, messing up names and going on long nonsensical rants. 

Many Americans, especially Conservatives, haven't seen these moments from Trump as networks like Fox or Newsmax would never show them. Tonight's debate could be the first time seeing this version of Trump for many viewers. And during an appearance on MSNBC, Adrienne Elrod explained why Fox won't be able to protect him. 

The strategist told Nicolle Wallace, "Donald Trump, if he passes any precedence here, he's going to make it clear he does not believe Joe Biden won the election. He's going to say that. That's going to be a major contrast moment. You talk a lot about how often we don't see Donald Trump. All the time. His rallies are not being aired on every single network."

She continued, "Fox stopped airing them, prime example. We have to remind the American people what we're dealing with. The unhinged person."

Elrod closed: 

"By the way. I don't have to tell you this; he's become more unhinged since he's been president. Something set him off. He's become more erratic. This is somebody who was crazy before. He's crazier now, and that will be a major moment for President Biden. Not only to help make that contrast clear tonight, but also talk about how he's going to continue to deliver for the American people."