Stormy Daniels Joins Voices Ripping People For Going To Church On Easter

Stormy Daniels, the adult film actor that President Donald Trump allegedly paid off to keep quiet about an affair, is back in the public eye, giving a bit of Easter common sense to those who have decided that going to church on Sunday.


Daniels says it’s more important than protecting themselves and the rest of the world from COVID-19.

The adult film actress took to Trump’s favorite social media platform, Twitter, to criticize those would venture out to worship anyway, despite the pandemic. She says that anyone who goes to church today should also have to be quarantined there for 14 days so that the surrounding communities could remain safe from this foolish endeavor.

Daniels tweeted:

Other Twitter users agreed:

We all know what happens in churches. There will be germs galore — contaminated holy water, people drinking the symbolic blood of Christ from the same goblets, and so forth. It is a dangerous petri dish ripe for spreading coronavirus within the congregation, only to bring it right back out into the communities and homes to spread. It is almost like the faithful do not believe the death tolls are real, and that the almighty will protect them

I’ve got news for them, though: The almighty has shown no mercy here, and there are no signs that he will be letting up anytime soon.

Stormy Daniels is right. The faithful, along with everyone else, just need to say at home and celebrate Easter from there.

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