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Stormy Daniels’ Arrest in Ohio was ’politically motivated,’ Says Attorney

Stormy Daniels’ Arrest in Ohio was ’politically motivated,’ Says Attorney

Update: As of 12:47 PM ET, Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, announced that charges against Daniels have been dismissed.

Early this morning, just after midnight, adult film actress Stormy Daniels was taken into custody as she performed an act at a Columbus, Ohio strip club.

“She was arrested for allegedly allowing a customer to touch her while on stage in a non sexual manner,” explained her attorney, Michael Avenatti, via Twitter.  “Are you kidding me? They are devoting law enforcement resources to sting operations for this? There has to be higher priorities!!!”

Ohio law disallows any patron who is not a member of the employee’s family from touching an employee who is nude or “seminude”.

According to charging documents obtained by WBNS, and seen below in a tweet from Steven Portnoy of CBS news, Daniels’, who appeared, was allegedly “topless and wearing a G-string” touched an undercover female police officer, named Mary Praither, on her buttocks and breasts before putting her own breasts in the officer’s face.

Hill Reporter reached out to attorney Michael Avenatti for comment, and he confirmed these details, but would not comment on whether or not he believes the allegations to be true.  “I’m not providing comment on the details right now,” Avenatti told us.

This Ohio state law has been active since 2007, according to Fox News, but it is rare that is it ever enforced.

At the time of the arrest, attorney Michael Avenatti noted that he believes the arrest of his client is politically motivated, and had been a “setup”.

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“It reeks of desperation,” Avenatti tweeted. “We will fight all bogus charges.”

According to the Franklin County Sheriff’s office, there has been no previous instances where this 2007 law has been cited.

“We have not had any complaints or reasons to apply this law,” said the Franklin County Sherriff’s spokeman Marc Gofstein. “We have gone back as far as we have records for, and nothing has been found,”

Stormy Daniels is issuing a plea of “not guilty” to three misdemeanor charges.  She has been released on $6,054 bail.  She released the following statement:

“As a result of what happened last night, I will unfortunately be unable to go forward with tonight’s scheduled performance. I deeply apologize to my fans in Columbus.”

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