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Stop the Steal Organizer Ali Alexander: The GOP Should Be At Our Beck and Call

Stop the Steal Organizer Ali Alexander: The GOP Should Be At Our Beck and Call

On January 6th of this year Ali Alexander helped to organize a Stop the Steal rally in Washington DC. To say it went badly would be an understatement. The event ended with many of the attendees storming the US Capitol building.

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Some would be chastened by the fact that they led an insurrection against their own country. Alexander, however, does not feel that way. In fact the far-right activist said they did something good for Republicans and that the GOP should be at his “beck and call.”

The activist made the comments in a fundraising plea to supporters. It began, “The RINO RNC wants Stop the Steal to shut down. The vote is yours. Patriots ask Ali Alexander, ‘what’s next?’ Do we stop or do we keep going?”

The missive continued:

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“Stop the Steal was the only organization that could truly be relied on to turn out millions of Americans who wanted to restore integrity and faith in our election system.We’re moving forward. We’re securing the ballot box. We cannot relitigate the past or entertain Dr. Suess distractions or hit pieces by the failing Huffington Post. We want to vindicate our peaceful movement and those who got caught up doing nothing wrong except being a little civilly disobedient. (We do not support any violence or property destruction that is alleged to have taken place — some of that being far leftists).”

Of course, Alexander finished by begging for money. He said the organization needed donations to, “prove that we are still a viable organization and movement. We need to prove that censorship and deplatform do not work. We shall overcome…”

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