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“Stop the Nonsense” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Eviscerates Mitch McConnell

“Stop the Nonsense” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Eviscerates Mitch McConnell

Over the last week, there has been a lot of movement on a possible stimulus deal. The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading at it’s fastest rate and people and businesses are hurting. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are pushing to get something done.

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But one man has been impeding that effort. Mitch McConnell is showing that he has the power to shut down agreements made in a bi-partisan manner. And the Kentucky senator is, right now, holding back funds desperately need by America’s cities. On Wednesday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ripped into the Senate Majority leader.

Lightfoot told reporters, “I hope what Democrats in Congress will say is, ‘Over my dead body.’ Every single town and municipality in this country is hurting. Blue, red, purple; independent mayors, Republican mayors, Democratic mayors.

The Chicago mayor continued. “I know that there’s a lot of posturing that goes on in Washington, D.C., but dear God, stop the nonsense. Get something done. We are hurting here in the heartland and all across our country and we need the federal government to step up and do their job.”

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Lightfoot then suggested that McConnell could be shooting himself in the foot by taking this stance. “To basically turn your back on state and local governments at a time when we are hemorrhaging and looking at severe service cuts, putting people out on the streets, and unemployment, cutting back on services that actually could be a stimulus to the economy — that’s unbelievably short-sighted.”

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