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Stop Comparing the Avenatti Allegations to Kavanaugh’s – They Aren’t the Same

Stop Comparing the Avenatti Allegations to Kavanaugh’s – They Aren’t the Same

It’s been over a month since Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in, despite multiple women making allegations against him related to sexual assault decades ago. I, myself was one of his biggest critics, arguing that Kavanaugh had no place on the highest court in the land. After all, how could we have someone making key decisions and defining our laws if he himself is accused of breaking those laws, not by just one individual, but by several women.

It wasn’t just the sexual assault allegations which turned me against Kavanaugh. It was also his clear lack of honesty, and his short temper while defending himself before the Senate committee back in September. My whole point was that someone who is appointed to our highest court for life should have impeccable credentials.  They shouldn’t possess a history of sexual assault allegations and fudging the truth while under oath — especially when all of those allegations were not fully investigated.

During the ordeal, I was one of the first to tell anyone I spoke to that the allegations against Mr. Kavanaugh need to be investigated to the fullest extent. To me, this meant interviews with the 30+ witnesses and associates of the victims as well as Kavanaugh, and a thoroughness which would span longer than just a few days. The FBI, however, was limited by the White House and ended up interviewing only a small fraction of the actual witness pool.  Kavanaugh himself refused to request an investigation that could have very easily cleared his name if he was indeed innocent.

Fast forward a month and a half, and we now have Michael Avenatti — Stormy Daniels’ attorney and possible Presidential hopeful for 2020 — at the center of his own assault allegations. Avenatti was booked on suspicion of domestic violence earlier this week. While no woman has come forward publicly with claims, nor has anyone heard the actual story from the alleged victim, many within the traditional media and social media have already convicted him in the court of public opinion.

Just the mere mention of ‘let’s wait to hear the facts,’ seems to spark a chorus of attacks on the individual suggesting such. While these attacks are coming mainly from those on the right who supported Kavanaugh, even some of those on the left are also jumping the gun.

Within an hour of the false TMZ article being published, claiming that Avenatti was arrested for hitting his ex-wife, activist and actress Alyssa Milano immediately distanced herself from the man she once protested with and retweeted on several occasions.

“Totally disgusting. And before anyone asks me, yes, I’m disavowing Avenatti. I do not care what side he’s on. #Basta,” Milano tweets before she even heard the true story or his side of the story.

At the same time, I was being attacked by those on both the right and the left for even mentioning the fact that it’s impossible to take a side when we don’t even know the alleged victim’s story, or who she is.

“Krassensteins DO NOT believe women now? tsk tsk. flip flop. How convenient,” wrote one angry Twitter troll.

“Erasing the woman with the rearranged face even though her pain raised the charges to a felony and effected a 50K bail is BEYOND the pale. Your true colors are out there now. Misogynists like YOU are exactly why women stay anonymous. No Integrity,” another individual tweeted me.

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Meanwhile, by this time a known fraudster, Jacob Wohl, implied through his fake company’s SureFire Intelligence Twitter account that he was the one behind Avenatti’s arrest.  While we don’t know if this is in fact the case, or if Wohl is simply trying to garner media attention after his failed attempt to try and frame Robert Mueller as a rapist, it sure doesn’t make one want to jump to an immediate conclusion and believe a woman who has yet to tell her story.

I have never once said I do not believe an alleged domestic violence victim. All that I have said was that we can’t pass judgment on this situation when we don’t even know who the victim was or what her story is. There isn’t anyone to believe or not believe yet, as this victim has yet to speak or even show her face. Until that story emerges and we are able to hear from both sides like we did in the Kavanaugh case, it’s impossible for anyone to do anything but guess as to who is telling the truth. This isn’t a “believe all woman” moment. This is a “what the hell happened?” moment. And yes, there is a difference between hearing the stories of multiple women, one of whom was testifying under oath before the world, and simply knowing that some random person has made a claim against another person.

If it does in fact turn out to be true and Michael Avenatti is in guilty of domestic violence, he should be condemned and “disavowed” as should all domestic violence abusers.

FACTS MATTER — Let’s hear them first.

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