Stoneman Douglas Principal Promises To Hug Students ‘As Many Times As You Need’

Stoneman Douglas Principal Ty Thompson has promised to comfort his students as much as they need following the school shooting massacre that left 17 students and teachers dead and others in critical condition and injured.

In a YouTube video released on Monday, Thompson promised, “I promise you I will hug each and every one of you as many times as you need. I will hold you as long as you need me to, for all 3,300 of you and your families. We will get through this together.”

Thompson also speaks of the “procedural protocols” his school had already put in place to ensure a minimized loss of life during a school shooting. Thompson believes those protocols helped save lives.

How sad it is it that school principals are being forced to talk about shooter drills they are attempting to use in order to save lives in these type of all too common circumstances? There have been 18 school shootings in 2018 and we are not even two months into the year.

Here’s the heartfelt video that we wish didn’t have to be a reality.

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