Still Not Tired Of Losing, Sidney Powell Begs Funds For More Election Lawsuits

Just this week the U.S. Supreme Court turned down the last case before it regarding the 2020 election. While there are still lawsuits outstanding in state courts, this was yet another blow to Donald Trump’s onetime certainty that he could depend on a bench full of his own appointees to keep him in office.

[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

Now Trump has been out of the White House for almost two months, and his supporters are still trying to overturn the election. Sidney Powell, one of the attorneys who worked on many of the cases to negate the outcome of the Presidential election, now promises she’s got another lawsuit coming — and she is begging for more donations from others who still believe last November’s election isn’t over.

The video below is from Defend Florida, a group promoting right-wing social and legislative efforts, via Rumble.

In the first few minutes, Powell talks about holding out hope for some of the lawsuits at the state level. She repeats the same old false claims that math and statistics prove that the election outcome was possible, and markets two websites taking donations for the effort.

About 12 minutes in, however, when asked what the next steps are, she announces that her team still isn’t done filing lawsuits.

“We will have a new case coming soon that will be extremely important,” she says, before moving on to plug a book by a fellow MAGA promoting election conspiracies. Powell offers no additional details about what this new case will be or at what level, but throughout the months since the election, she has been mocked for claiming that upcoming cases — including one she called “the Kraken” which has since failed — were massive game-changers sure to overturn the results.

Her website offers no details about the purported new lawsuit, either, though it still falsely claims that there is evidence of widespread election fraud, and that President Biden was “not elected by lawful votes.”

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