Stew Peters Repeats Call to Execute Anthony Fauci, Calls COVID-19 Vaccine a ‘Bioweapon’

Last Friday, right-wing propagandist Stew Peters called for Doctor Anthony Fauci to be executed like deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for unspecified crimes against humanity.

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“What did we do to Saddam Hussein? What did we do to – I mean – these people swung from their neck in front of the world for killing far less people, and not only is he still killing people, but plans and telegraphs and tells the whole world how he’s planning to kill more,” Peters said of Fauci.

On Tuesday, Peters had conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine as a guest on The Stew Peters Show to complain about mask mandates in schools regardless of vaccination status. After suggesting that masks were a “sexual fetish” of the left, Peters accused Fauci of personally unleashing COVID-19 inoculations onto the world as a bioweapon and then repeated his call that Fauci should face execution.

So now the latest craze beyond everybody getting vaccinated is the American Academy of Pediatrics who are, they’ve just come out with a statement saying that, ‘sorry, CDC, sorry, everybody else, but if you are two years and up, if you’re a child of two years and up, you still are gonna have to wear a mask, no matter if you’ve been vaccinated or not for the foreseeable future,'” Lorraine said.

Vaccines are not currently available for toddlers, however, young children are still susceptible to the super-virulent Delta variant, which is why masks are being recommended for students, teachers, and other school staff.

“No matter if you’ve been poisoned or not by the intentionally engineered bioweapon that is meant to kill, maim, and destroy. This is not a vaccine,” Peters interjected.

“Yeah. It’s not a vaccine. It’s a poison shot,” agreed Lorraine.

“Yes, unequivocally, 100 percent, this is the clot shot,” Peters added.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective in the vast majority of patients and can mean the difference between life and death.

Lorraine continued with her pantheon of ballistic, fallacious stupidity:

Right exactly. So they’re saying, ‘hey, go back to school if you wanna go back to school, but your child, if they are two and up, is going to be having to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status if they’re vaccinated.’

So A: This proves that the vaccine literally doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter anyway whether you’ve gotten it or not. We all knew this was coming. There’s literally no perks, no benefits to getting the vaccine or not for most people and most children.

And B: That they’re complicit in this abuse and it’s never gonna get any better. You give ’em an inch, they take five miles. But we know that if we would see someone with abused children and they let abuse happen over and over again, knowing it was happening, we would say, ‘you are a stupid parent. You are stupid. Why are you letting this happen?’ Yeah, but at some point, if it continues, wouldn’t you think, ‘OK, you’re not just stupid, you’re complicit? You’re complicit in this abuse because now you know what’s happening and you’re allowing it to happen.’

So, at what point – and I think that time is now, Stew – do we say, ‘You parents that are allowing your children to be strapped up with a sexual fetish, with a very abusive tool of submission, you are complicit in this unless you go around and march and protest until this mask mandate is lifted and until any vaccine mask mandate is lifted, you are complicit in the abuse of children.’

Gaslighting is an egregious form of psychological torture that was fully on display. And knowingly failing to protect your kids from a deadly pathogen is true child abuse.

Peters was nonetheless incensed.

“These parents will be held to no different standards than the elected representatives or candidates that I’m talking about. If you’re not actually doing something to fight this, just bitching and moaning and complaining, which is what these elected representatives are doing,” he said.

“Again, I see another headline today, ‘Rand Paul really grills Fauci.’ I don’t really care. Yeah, click on the link from Rand Paul’s social media page it’ll take to you to his grifting, fundraising website. That’s what he’s trying to do. He’s trying to make money. If you really want to grill the guy, how about this? How about demand a criminal investigation, indict this guy on charges of crimes against humanity and send him to the gallows? That’s what you should do,” Peters continued.

“And as far as these parents, the same thing. I don’t care about your Facebook post or your tweet or your gab or any of this nonsense BS. Actually, go do something. And furthermore what they’re trying to do to the same parents like me, you – well you’re not a parent – but what they’re trying to do to people like me, sane parents who realize what this really is, is they’re trying to push you to go inject graphene oxide in your kid – a toxic substance, a poison – because you don’t want your kid masked,” Peters seethed.

“So, you either suffocate them or subject them to this weird sexual fetish, this bondage type display of subservience, or you go ahead and go poison the hell out of them and just maim them or permanently disable them or kill them,” he said.

Right-wingers – the same cudgel of religious fanatics who routinely block legislation to end child marriage – are sexualizing little kids to boost their television ratings.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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