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Steve Schmidt: We Can Never Allow Republicans to Win a Presidential Election Again

Steve Schmidt: We Can Never Allow Republicans to Win a Presidential Election Again

For much of his career, Steve Schmidt has tried to ensure that Republicans won their election. The strategist worked on the campaigns of George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McCain. But in 2018, Schmidt left the party due to its embrace of Donald Trump.

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And not only did Schmidt leave the GOP, he’s actively campaigned against it forming the Lincoln Project with like-minded former Republicans. On Saturday, the strategist took to Twitter to further renounce the GOP. Republicans, wrote Schmidt, must never win a presidential election again.

Schmidt began by ripping into the members of congress who were willing to put their names on the frivolous Texas lawsuit. “Within four years time,” he wrote,” Donald Trump, a conman from reality television has brought American democracy to the brink. 126 GOP members of Congress have turned their backs on the idea the people elect the President. We are one election away from losing the American experiment.”

The former Republican strategist continued, “The maintenance and strengthening of the pro democracy coalition in this country is critical. We simply cannot lose a Presidential election because if we do it will be the last one.”

Later in the day, Schmidt took a shot at the Attorney’s General who were also willing to back Trump’s baseless play He posted, “It is astonishing and terrifying that 17 state AG’s signed up with the corrupt Texas AG to try and overturn an election they know Biden won. It is staggeringly shameful conduct.”

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