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Steve Schmidt: “The Danger Lies in the Act, Not the Outcome”

Steve Schmidt: “The Danger Lies in the Act, Not the Outcome”

Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt is unflinching in his assessment of Republicans’ efforts to award a second term as president to Donald Trump. In a series of tweets on Saturday, the former GOP strategist laid out the case for why the American public must take very seriously that more than a dozen senators have announced they’re going to contest the results of the Electoral College vote on Jan. 6.

Schmidt wrote, “Sedition is the precise word and the right word to describe what we have been witnessing. Never before have so many American leaders betrayed their country. We will watch their eternal disgrace on live TV. The evidence of their ignominy will exist forever as will the memory of their monumental betrayal. Shame on them all.

“There is a great struggle that lies before us and our disbelief at its arrival must not blind us to the lethal danger it poses to the American experiment. The poisonous bounty of Trump’s catastrophic Presidency is ready for harvest and the whole world will get to watch his seditious antics play out during a joint session of Congress on January 6th. It will play out as a farce and it will fail. Nearly 100 years on America will have its version of the Beer Hall Putsch. The danger lies in the act, not the outcome.”

Schmidt called out members of Congress for taking part in a scheme that they know will never succeed and for doing so purely because they think it will further their political careers, regardless the damage it does to American democracy.

“With the exception of a few of the more addled House GOP members like Louis Gohmert, every single House Member and every US Senator that participates in denying this reality and thus the legitimacy of our election does so as a cynical act which they know for certain has no legitimate basis. Such actions are a grievous sin against America democracy and a brutal betrayal of their oaths of office and duty. They will be desecrating the blood sacrifices of 13 generations of American Patriots of all creeds and origins who died so that our children could be free. Democratic Republic’s cannot survive such a collapse. The system is rooted in the willingness of one side to cede power to another at the will of the people. There are no other systems of government except for this type that are free.

“The legitimacy of that system is being strangled by Trumps lies and the lies of his movement. That movement is an autocratic one with fascistic markers. It is hostile to the American Constitution, the rule of law and the highest ideas and ideals of American liberty. The ruthless and amoral cynicism of @SenTedCruz and @marcorubio and @SenatorLankford and @HawleyMO will be on appalling display. It must be opposed fiercely. It must be recognized for what it is.”

There are 16 tweets in all. You can pick up the thread to read them all by clicking below.

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