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Steve Schmidt on Proud Boy Violence: “These Are Trump’s Thugs”

Steve Schmidt on Proud Boy Violence: “These Are Trump’s Thugs”

There were a number of viral moments during Donald Trump’s disastrous debates with Joe Biden. But one moment particularly stood out; his shout out to the Proud Boys. “Stand back and stand by,” Trump told the white supremacist group.

Photo by Evelyn Hockstein/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

And the Proud Boys have certainly stood behind the president. Anywhere a Trump rally takes place, the group is normally marching an inciting violence. This was evident on Saturday night as the “stop the steal” event descended into violence. Sharing videos of the Proud Boys, Steve Schmidt referred to them as “Trump’s thugs.”

The Lincoln project founder tweeted, “Look at this closely. These right wing fascists are instigating political violence in the name of a defeated President who is inciting them. This is the Capitol of the United States. This is a glimpse of our future. This must be crushed at the ballot box.”

Schmidt continued:

“This is the result that Fox News, Newsmax and a hundreds of lying right wing propagandists have produced for America. This is Trumpism. When we hear the word fascist, the mind jumps to images of men in Brown and Black. Those old fascist pictures are nearly 100 years old. Just because these thugs are wearing familiar brands it doesn’t mean they aren’t them, they are. These are Trump’s thugs and they are fascists. They are rioting against democracy. We are at an extremely dangerous place as a country. It is essential to see the threat, it is grave.”

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